Sivu started because I saw Björk playing ‘Hyperballad’ on Jools Holland, and this video is just insane; you’ve got this crazy old man beating this snare drum, but around it you’ve got this electronic music with big strings, and I thought, ‘that’s the dream’. On top of that, I love Wild Beasts, so they’re always one I have in mind and Kate Bush as well. There were those three artists which were crucial, and I think we were bound together by Beck too.
James Page, aka Sivu (via The 4O5)
[about All The King’s Men] The only track that got an introduction with Tom first thanking the audience for having them back (Wild Beasts played the same venue a few years ago) and saying that in appreciation, we’d now get a song that was to „remind you of the worst sex you’ve ever had with the worst partner you’ve ever had in the worst city you’ve ever been to“. Nice.
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