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What was this quiz that you gave to the boys? And where can I see it?

It all started as a joke : last week, we decided to give a “How Well Do You Know Your Fans?” quizz to the band, to see if they really knew what was going on inside the MiniBeasts community. They’ve all sent back their answers (except Hayden, tss tss), and we’ll be able to share the results with you very soon :) xx

Well we always hope people are going to meet halfway with a band like us, we know we’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. We have a core fan-base who don’t like muted watered-down music. We don’t want to shoot ourselves in the foot and start making music to please people, that’s never been what this band is about, we’ve always made music to please ourselves. It is certainly a more brash sounding record, I think rather than using soft-synths, when a synth came in we wanted it to be in properly, and present as focal point. I do feel we sound more like a band again, if anything we’re saying it’s a bit of a sister record to our first album ‘Limbo Panto’, where we sound like a gang again.
Chris Talbot // Bristol Live Magazine // February 2014

Wild Beasts Tour (USA & Canada)

10.07 NYC (USA) || River Rocks || FREE

11.07 Philadelphia (USA) || Union Transfer || Tickets here

12.07 Washington (USA) || 9:30 Club || Tickets here

14.07 Cambridge (USA) || The Sinclair || Tickets here

15.07 Montreal (Canada) || Corona Theatre || Tickets here

16.07 Toronto (Canada) || The Mod Club || Tickets here

18.07 Chicago (USA) || Pitchfork Music Festival || Tickets here

Wild Beasts Tour Dates (Europe)

08.05. Belfast (Northern Ireland) || 15th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival || Tickets here.

09.05. Brighton (UK) || The Great Escape Festival || Tickets here

29. 05 Bonn (Switzerland) || Band Bonn Kilbi Festival || Tickets here.

31. 05 Lisbon (Portugal) || Rock In Rio Festival || Tickets here.

06.06. Athens (Greece) || Plisskën Festival || Tickets here.

07.06. Istanbul (Turkey) || 100%FEST || Tickets here.

13.06 Bergen (Norway) || Bergenfest || Tickets here.

21.06 Hilvarenbeek (Holland) || Best Keep Secret Festival || Tickets here.

28.06 Kiev (Ukraine) || Park Live Festival || Tickets here.

29.06 Moscow (Rusia) || Park Live Festival || Information not available. 

04.07 Gdynia (Poland) || Open’er Festival || Tickets here.

10.08 Sicily (Italy) || Ypsigrock Festival || Tickets available soon.

15.08 Hasselt (Belgium) || Pukklepop Festival || Tickets here.

17.08 Hamburg (Germany) || Dockville Festival || Tickets here.

22.08 France || TBA || TBA

31.08 Dorset (UK) || End of the road Festival || Tickets here.

06.09 Isle of Wight (UK) || Bestival || Tickets here.

09.09 Rovinj (Croatia) || Unknown Festival || Tickets here.

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